Saturday, October 31, 2015

Jill Stuart Omotesando opening reception party

Yesterday was the opening reception party for Jill Stuart Omotesando shop, and some of us from my agency attended in Jill Stuart's Fall/Winter collection dresses. The new shop was two stories, the first floor featuring apparel, and the basement floor featuring beauty and accessories. I haven't worn polka dots in years, but this purple & black dress changed that. All the girls looked fabulous in their Jill Stuart dresses. Thank you for a lovely party, Jill Stuart Japan!

昨日はJill Stuart表参道店のオープニングレセプションパーティーでした!事務所のモデルズ達とJill Stuart今期のワンピースで参加しました。表参道店はすごくお洒落にインテリアで、1階がアパレル、B1階がコスメやシューズなど置いてありました。何年ぶりに水玉模様を着ましたが、この紫と黒のワンピースは着たい!と思いました。ハロウィンにも合いますね。DIVINEのメンバーも、それぞれのワンピースが似合っていました!Jill Stuart表参道、とても素敵なおもてなしありがとうございました!


  1. cute ladies
    New post :

  2. what a lovely post my dear
    the pictures are amazing, so inspiring,
    love your style, it’s always so on point

    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE

  3. Great snapshots, looks like you had a wonderful time, not to mention how rad you look :) | Room 95

  4. You look so elegant in these photos - your hairstyle is everything! The event looks like a lot of fun :) Happy Halloween!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  5. Love your shoes!

    xx, Alex //

  6. I always love Jill Stuarts beauty product packaging! Costs an arm and leg over here in the States. LOL Gorgeous dress Sam! Looks so good on you! Wonderful event.

  7. The event looks really cool, I've always admired Jill Stuart cloths and make-up. I love your dress, espcially the pleated skirt.


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