Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Instagram outfits #6 - Sugar

(Outfit 1 sweater & pants: Le Ciel Bleu; necklace: old; shoes: Converse)
(Outfit 2 shirt: WEGO; pants: Gap; jacket: Le Ciel Bleu; boots: Doc Martens)
(Outfit 3 sweater and jeans: Le Ciel Bleu; beanie: Loaves; flats: ZARA)

I'm starting to realize my style changes every time I post an Instagram outfit post... 
This post features two of my favorite items for the spring season - my gray cotton sweater and black & white stadium jacket, both from Le Ciel Bleu. And hopefully I'll have more outfits with my tapered denim next time (it's SO comfortable!).

And a remix I'm currently hooked on<3

Sugar by Moonboots

Have a good rest of the week!


Samantha Mariko

Sunday, February 24, 2013

beauty essentials

I feel like most of my recent posts are from my photo shoots, so I decided to post something a bit different this time :)

After moving to Tokyo, I've become very picky when it comes to beauty products. The makeup artists at my photo shoots would recommend products, or hairstylists would give me tips and recommendations on how to style or treat my hair. And so far, these haven't let me down. 

From left to right:
Trader Joe's tea tree oil
Kerastase Huile Sublime leave-in hair treatment
Nivea SPF 30 water gel sunscreen
Caudalie cleansing water for face and eyes
Bioderma Solution Micellaire makeup remover
Bioderma Eau Dermatologique spray-on toner
Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre moisturizer + primer

Spending a little extra on beauty products can make a huge difference.
Do you use any of these products?


Samantha Mariko

Friday, February 22, 2013

a japanese spring

Photos by Nobuyuki Nishihara
Hair by Miki Oishi
Makeup by Asuka Takei
Kimono styling by Haruka Yamashita

All Rights Reserved.

Good morning lovelies! I just received the images from my most recent photo shoot, a spring-themed Japanese kimono shoot. I had to post a few of my favorites even though there are so many that I liked! It was my first time modeling a traditional Japanese kimono for a photo shoot, but I had a great time coming up with the poses and just wearing the beautiful robes and playing with the cute props. 

Anyways, happy Friday everyone! Hope you have a fantastic weekend<3


Samantha Mariko

Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy valentine's day!

Happy Valentine's Day from Amy Ota & I <3

Photos by Masahiro Nakame
Makeup and hair by Yuna Oya
Wardrobe by Ayaka Ito


Samantha Mariko

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

an early valentine date

Tonight, I spent a lovely evening with my good friend Amy for an early Valentine's day dinner. It was my first time at Legato, an Italian restaurant which overlooks the busy nightlife of Shibuya, Tokyo. Apparently, they turn the restaurant into a club for New Years Eve - I definitely want to come back for that! 

And a cute surprise from Amy<3 Thank you!

Also a sneak peek for my next blog post ;)

Good night!


Samantha Mariko

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I hope that first photo lured you in to read the rest of this blog post.. :)
I had a lovely lunch date with my good friend Yui for Japan Restaurant Week 2013. We chose a fancy little Italian restaurant called Tanicha in Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo, and it's really difficult to say in words how amazing our food was from the taste to the visual arrangement of each dish. And the atmosphere of  the restaurant was pleasant as well. 

I swear we didn't plan our outfits! Always room for dessert round 2 - boba milk tea, my favorite!

Did anyone else dine out during restaurant week? 

Thanks for reading!


Samantha Mariko

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

dj kyoko - time's fool

It was pure chance that I came across this album, and I'm glad I did. When I first listened to some of the tracks at TSUTAYA (a record/ bookstore in Japan), I was intrigued by DJ KYOKO's selections in her eclectic mix and how well they all flowed together. Plus, it was apparent what kind of style she was going for in this album - dark & mysterious, but also feminine & chic. A mix CD I would listen to when I'm blogging (like I am now!) or getting ready to go out. I also scored a free poster with her autograph :)

Any music, artists or albums you recommend?


Samantha Mariko

Friday, February 1, 2013

Instagram Outfits #5

Getting ready for spring when it's still freezing cold in Tokyo!

My most recent Instagram outfits for your viewing pleasure.

(Outfit 1 shirt: Equipment; skirt: Forever 21; flats: J.crew)
(Outfit 2 blouse: Forever 21; sweater: Topshop; pants: H&M; flats: Zara)
(Outfit 3 sweater & pants: Uniqlo; jacket: Le Ciel Bleu; flats: Oriental Traffic)
(Outfit 4 sweater: Gap; shirt: Uniqlo; pants: H&M; boots: Doc Martens)
(Outfit 5 sweater: Uniqlo; pants: Gap; jacket: Le Ciel Bleu; shoes: Converse)

Hope you're looking forward to the spring trends as much as I am! 


Samantha Mariko