Wednesday, February 29, 2012

in two weeks.

(dress: Saks Fifth Avenue; necklace: Black Market; ring and shades: Rimo)

My "other" photos from Wayfarer's Chapel. I had them taken for my piano recital posters, which I'll be putting up at school. The dress was the last one in my size! I ordered it online and it fits perfectly :)

Less than 2 weeks until my recital! I'm playing a lot of my favorite works
so I'm excited.


Samantha Mariko

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Robertson Blvd.

Today, I had the pleasure of working with Japanese model Melody Yoko.
She is visiting LA to shoot a TV show episode that airs in Japan to promote a boutique called Beckley
Apparently, she produced a watch that is supposed to be sold there.

(from left to right: Alissa, Mizuki, Melody, and me)

She's one of the sweetest girls I know and is humble about her work, which I admire. 
I've seen her several times in issues of GLAMOROUS magazine and on the runway show TOKYO GIRL'S COLLECTION, which is a pretty big deal in the Japanese fashion world. 

You can check her out on her website or her Facebook page . She really keeps her fans up-to-date with her work!

I had so much fun! Can't wait to get a hold of one of those watches :)


Samantha Mariko

Sunday, February 19, 2012

now I know

Today, I had a glamour photo shoot with the coolest photographer couple John & Tweedy Cudal.
I did a shoot with them last year with my boyfriend and they did a great job. 

My look from today:
(hair & makeup by Adrienne Cawili)

Everyone was so chill and relaxed - it was an enjoyable experience and I met some great people. 
Thanks everyone!<3

Fun fact: I paid my mom a surprise visit last night for her birthday and she mentioned my previous blog post at Wayfarer's (Yes, my mom checks my blog :P). I told her that indeed I went there and I had this weird hunch and I asked her, "Wait... did you and Dad have your wedding there?" 「そうだよ、知らなかったの?」("Yes, you didn't know?") Well, now I do and I'm glad they got married there. She went on to tell me that they are very accepting of people of other faiths and lifestyles, and it turns out they do same-sex weddings, which I think is pretty awesome. :)

That's it for today I think.. thanks for reading <3


Samantha Mariko

Friday, February 17, 2012

love day

A little late for a Valentine's day post, I know. 

My man and I went out to eat at Sawtelle Kitchen in Santa Monica for dinner, which was a great choice.

Seafood spaghetti with white-wine sauce - superb.
(top: Topshop; skirt & purse: Jason Wu for Target; cardigan: Rimo)

My man surprised me with cute Valentine's day cookies, too :)
I'm so glad to have spent a relaxing day.
Hope yours was enjoyable too!


Samantha Mariko

Friday, February 10, 2012

by the seaside

(shirt & belt: Urban Outfitters; jeans: Madewell;
 purse: Jason Wu for Target; sandals: H&M)

Photos from an outing in Palos Verdes, at Wayfarer's Chapel. 
The weather was perfect to wander around and absorb the beauty of it all.  It had been a while since I'd seen such a glorious view of the ocean. So much blue that it's almost blinding (in a good way).

Another reason I went here was to have some photos for a poster for my senior piano recital at UCLA. 
Perfect location, and I got some decent photos (not posted in this blog :)) I will probably post them later on though!

I hope you enjoyed the scenery in the photos! 


Samantha Mariko

Thursday, February 9, 2012

natural light

(photos by Narciso Carlos)

As promised, here are some of the photos from one of my previous photo shoots.
The photographer wanted to experiment with natural light in his apartment, so they are quite simple. 
Hope you like them :)


Samantha Mariko