Saturday, January 2, 2016

Personalized business cards with Moo

A new year means new business strategies. I've always had business cards on hand to exchange contact information with future clients, but I decided to update my information and photographs by using

Moo has always been my favorite business card service because it's reasonably priced, the quality is superb, and they ship internationally. For my recent batch, the front side with my profile photo and my information is the same for all cards, while the backside is different for each card. I thought it would be more interesting and beneficial if I had 3 contrasting photos to pass out to different clients and future business partners. 

Even though it's easy to connect with new people with SNS (Instagram, Twitter, Line, etc.), I think a polished business card makes a lasting impression and shows that you are a professional in whatever field of work you are in. Whenever I notice a friend does not have a business card to pass out, that's the first thing I tell them: "You need business cards, honey." It only takes 30 minutes to make, so do it!!


Moo は名刺作り専門のサービスで、とても使いやすいです。値段がお手頃、クオリティーが高い、そして、海外発送もしてくれるんです!この新しいバッチは、表面にプロフィール写真と情報を記入、そして裏面は3種類の写真を選びました。クライアントによって、違う写真の名刺を渡した方が印象に残るかなと思いました。



  1. Personalized business gift card one of most dominant role in this year. Moo always make great impact on these gift.


  2. I just saw an ad for Moo on Facebook !


  3. i couldn't agree more, business card makes it that much more professional! i didn't know you were a musician! what do you do? :D girl, you are so multi-talented! x

  4. Lovely cards !
    Happy new year !!

  5. I love this !!!
    Thank you for sharing & Happy, Happy New Year !!!

  6. I have heard of Moo before and no one is ever disappointed with them! Will definitely need to check it out when I need new business cards

    Enclothed Cognition

  7. Your business cards are so cool! They look like magazine pages.

  8. mega babe!! happy new year <3

  9. Personalised business card is an amazing innovative..thanks for sharing


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