Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Brow game strong with Anastasia Beverly Hills

I've been wearing makeup since I was 13, and as a teen and young adult, my eyebrows were the least of my worries in terms of fullness. In fact, I always dreamed of thinner, daintier eyebrows that some of the girls around me had. Luckily for me, thick, bushy eyebrows are trendy now, and after watching countless Youtube videos and makeup tutorials, I've realized the shaping of your eyebrows is so important when "creating" your face. These days, I rarely pluck the excess hair around my eyebrows and try to let them be so they look as natural as possible. And that's where Anastasia Beverly Hills comes in.

When I was shopping at Sephora during my stay in California, I spent a good 30 minutes in the Anastasia section to figure out what I would want to use for my eyebrows. One of the makeup artists there advised me on what to use and how to use them well, and I ended up with these items:

The first thing I learned was that primer does make a difference for your brows (I always thought it was for foundation only). Not only does the color from the brow shadow stay put longer, but the color applies much better than without it. My favorite is the Brow Wiz - it's double ended, and the brow pencil is so fine it's difficult to make mistakes with it. Finish off with a quick comb through with the other end, and then you're set. 

Do you have any tips, tricks or products you recommend when doing your eyebrows? Let me know in the comment section!

私は13歳の頃からメイクをしているのですが、ティーンエイジャーの時は毛深い眉毛が一番プライオリティーの低い部分でした。前はもっと薄くて上品な眉毛を夢見ていたのです。でも運良く、太い眉毛が流行り出し、いくつものYoutube動画やメイク講座を見た末、眉毛の形作りは顔を整えるのにすごく大事なんだなと知りました。最近は、眉毛をなるべくナチュラルに見せたいので、ほとんどノータッチです。そこで、Anastasia Beverly Hillsの商品が登場します。

カリフォルニアのセフォラでお買い物しているときに、多分30分ほどAnastasia のセクションでどの商品を買えばいいか悩んでいました。お店の店員さんが色々アドバイスして下さって、商品で眉毛を作ってくれました。購入したアイテムはこちら:

最初に気づかされたのは、眉毛下地はすごく大事だということ!(ずっとファンデーションだけだと思っていました)シャドーの色が長持ちするだけでなく、発色が全然違うことがすぐ分かりました。そして、Brow Wizが3つの中でお気に入りです。両端使えて、ペンシルが激細なので、ものすごく使いやすいです。最後にブラシでささっと整えて、終わり!



  1. Eyebrows are every girls focus right now but I'm not really one of them. I have thick brows and I just maintain it using some products. Thanks for introducing this :)


  2. I love makeup, and i want to become beautiful girl

  3. My brother loves this brand - especially eyebrow palette. It's funny because his eyebrows are better than mine :D This brand is very popular in Europe, but it's hard to find their products.

  4. Love a great brow game, haha even when you're not wearing makeup you still want them on fleek! Xx

  5. This a really great post!

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  6. I literally swear by Anastasia's brow line!

  7. My eyebrows are blonde. I have to paint them in colour to make them visible :)

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  8. Nice post! Thanks for sharing x

  9. I've heard so much about this product! Gotta try it soon!


  10. intrygują mnie kosmetyki tej marki

  11. Ive never tried the Anastasia's brow line but would love to !

    Have a nice day :)


  12. My first make up at 18years... Nice advice
    Come to visit me
    Kisses from Italy

  13. Great post! I really do want to try out this product. I find a thin pencil works well for my brows as well x


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