Sunday, February 8, 2015

California dreamin' with Snapmade

I've always wanted to make a customized iPhone case, and Snapmade offered the perfect opportunity for me to do so. You can actually customize many different kinds of items, including T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, etc., but I decided to do an iPhone case since I use it 24/7 and a case is the one accessory I carry around all the time. 

When I visited my hometown during the holidays, I snapped a lot of beach scenery and decided to use one of my own photos for this iPhone 5s case. I'm so pleased at how it turned out! It was very easy to customize on their website, and the prices are very affordable. I made mine using the template for an iPhone 5/5s Hard Case since I don't really care for rubber cases. Now, whenever I look at my case, I'll be reminded of my beautiful hometown of Huntington Beach. <3

Check out Snapmade's website here and their Facebook here for more information!

いつからか、カスタムメードのiPhoneケースが欲しいなと思っていました。Snapmadeという、カスタムメードのアイテムを作れるサイトからコラボレーションのオファーが来たので、早速作ってみました!クリスマスの休暇の間、カリフォルニアのビーチで撮った写真を使い、iPhone 5sのケースをデザインしました♪とてもクオリティーのいいケースに仕上がったので、大満足です!とても簡単にできたし、お手頃の価格ですよ!他にもTシャツやマグカップなど、様々なアイテムをカスタマイズできます。ケースを見るたびに、実家のハンティントンビーチを思い出せるので、嬉しいです。

Personalized Gifts custom iphone 6 case Snapmade


  1. love the phone case!

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  2. Wow what a gorgeous shot of Huntington Beach! And how fun is it to customize your own iphone case! Definitely something I want to do with a few shots I have, it might be difficult for me to decide which one to use hehe~ Have a great rest of your weekend Samantha! :) xo~ Lena

  3. You took that photo? Very cool, nice quality. We have some store similar here where you can make your own cases in the store, but they aren't the best quality. This looks a lot better.

    Z. | J. POTTER

  4. lovely case!

  5. Congrats on your new work!
    I love this effortless summerish item!!
    'cause it's too cold here,,,

  6. That's such a fab idea! Love the necklace too xx

  7. Lovely case and post x

  8. Oh Samantha, I love this especially since the case is a photo that you took! Love it. Makes me miss California!

  9. This case turned out so brilliantly, that photo is superb and making me have some serious California cravings. Great reminder of home, like you said :)

    xx Hélène

  10. とってもすてき!夕焼けもヤシの木も美しいです。


  11. Very cool, I have one with my kids :-)

    x Mieke

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  12. Customization is always cool! Love that necklace.

  13. Pretty palm trees! Perfect to carry around as a phone case :)

  14. So pretty! I love customized phone cases :') What a great idea <3
    -Ally Gong


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