Saturday, August 6, 2016

Calvin Klein underwear for every kind of girl

After recently going to the Calvin Klein fall collection showroom in Tokyo, I've become even more obsessed with the brand. I especially love their selection of underwear, and here are some of my top choices via Shopbop:

I guarantee Calvin Klein has the perfect pair of underwear for every girl. Some of these selections are on sale, and others can be purchased 3 for $30, which I think is a pretty good deal. What's your favorite? Check out more selections here at Shopbop.

先日、カルバン・クラインの展示会へ行った以来、またハマってしまいました。特に、アンダーウェアのセレクションが豊富で、デザインも履き心地も好き!私がオススメするアンダーウェアをタイプごとにまとめてみました。あたなに合ったものがきっとあるはずです♡ 他のカルバン・クラインアンダーウェアをご覧になりたい方は是非Shopbopへ!

This post is sponsored by Shopbop.


  1. Amazing, just knew it!

  2. I like second picture with sexy underwear ;)

  3. From comfy to sexy, I love the range of underwear Calvin Klein offers. The yellow ones are kinda cute <3

  4. Really great selection! I love the nude styles the best.

  5. I have the CK seamless underwear- so perfect! :)

    Metallic Paws

  6. ck underwear is the best! so comfy!


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