Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rio de Sol Brazilian swimwear

September is approaching, and summer is coming to an end. Summer seems never-ending, but before you know it, fall arrives and it's back to school, back to work. I was lucky to have been able to visit one of Japan's beaches for a photo shoot, and luckier that Rio de Sol sent me this swimwear set, including a pareo, bracelet and Havaianas. I semi-consciously chose this halter top and bottom set (I surprisingly didn't own a simple black one), and it turns out to be a swimwear trend this summer. For more, check out my post on halter swimwear here.

Tokyo isn't blessed with the beaches I grew up so close to in Huntington Beach, California, but they are nonetheless beautiful in their own way. My photographer Lasse captured the moodiness of this cloudy beach quite perfectly. Definitely put another check mark next to my summer to-do list. 

間もなく9月に突入、そして、夏も終わりを告げる。夏は長く感じますが、結局すぐ終わってしまい、学校なり仕事なりに戻る時間がやってきます。この夏は千葉の海まで撮影しに行くことができ、ちょうど良くRio de Solというブラジルビキニのブランドから水着コーディネートが届きました。ビキニにパレオ、ブレスレットとサンダル。このハイネックのビキニは今季の流行だとは知らなく、黒だしかっこいいなという理由で選びました。最近、ハイネック水着の特集を載せたので、見てみてください!


Bathing suit: Rio de Sol; Pareo: Rio De SolBracelet: Mishky (similar here); sandals: Havaianas;
earrings: Beach Closet

All photos by Lasse Kusk


  1. You look gorgeous!

  2. The swimsuit looks great, especially since it covers up quite a bit, at least in the front... The beach is a great back drop for the photoshoot too!

  3. Amazing photos and outfit. You look like a girl from fashion magazine! And this pareo is cool :) I saw a video made by uwaga pies on youtube about japanese beaches and they also told that it's hard to find good beach near Tokyo.

  4. You look amazing!

  5. holy moly! you are so fire here! I love these photos!

  6. Too cute. I love the bold colored scarf paired with the suit. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  7. I love the cut of that swimsuit Sam. Looks gorgeous on you.


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