Thursday, March 10, 2016

三代目 J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE "Feel So Alive" music video

I'm so excited to announce one of my most recent works as a model. Jpop's hottest group, J Soul Brothers 3rd Generation from EXILE TRIBE's newest single and music video, "Feel So Alive" is now up on Youtube, and I was fortunate enough to be casted as one of the models in the video. Keeping to traditional Japanese themes but adding Western influences is what makes this video so fresh and unique. It was an honor to work with such an amazing team and to see these talented boys up close. Now I see why they are so popular.

ついに解禁されました!!三代目J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBEの新曲PV、「Feel So Alive」に出演させて頂きました!今回で、三代目のPVに出させてもらって2回目で、本当に光栄に思っています。このPVのテーマは、日本の伝統と西洋文化のミックス。日本伝統的なセットとモデル達の衣装に、三代目のメンバーと曲の西洋的なストリートスタイルが絡まっていて、とても新鮮な作品に出来上がっていると思います。素晴らしい現場でお仕事をさせて頂いて、間近で三代目のメンバー達の活躍ぶりを見れて、本当に幸せです。

You can see the entire video below or on Youtube here.

The hair, makeup and costumes were so elaborate and nothing like I've seen or worn before. Caroline, Justine and I each represented the wild boar, deer and butterfly from the Japanese playing cards. 


Make sure to check out the video and song! 

「Feel So Alive」是非是非見てみて下さい♪


  1. woah congrats samantha! what an opportunity! i listen to their songs sometimes. congrats once again!


  2. You are so pretty, Samantha! <3 The quality of the video itself is great! I've always loved Japanese cinematography! Although this is quite dark from the usual light cinematography I see in Japanese films, but I still love it! The way you girls were styled and made up is just amazing! More projects for you!

    <3 Alex //

  3. Gosh, you look so cool Sam! :)

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  4. Um. Wow. That is amazing! Congrats!

  5. yes! I saw the videos on your IG! I was like "where she was !?!?" Hehe you look very beautiful Samantha :)

  6. Extravagant head pieces!


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