Friday, March 25, 2016

Metrocity 2016 AW for Seoul Fashion Week

If you've been catching up with me on Instagram, you probably saw my updates in Seoul for Fashion Week. I attended Metrocity's Fall/Winter 2016 Collection, "Hippy Happy Shake," which embodies relaxed, freestyle silhouettes, fluffy textures, fringe and tassel details, handmade patchwork all with a decorative twist. This year, Metrocity is featuring supermodel Barbara Palvin, and I have to say, it was an amazing experience seeing her up close on the runway. Now, I'll let the photos do the talking.

私のインスタグラムをフォローして頂いていたら、昨日まで2日間ソウルからのアップデートを見ていたかと思います!メトロシティの2016年秋冬コレクション、「Hippy Happy Shake」をソウルファッションウィークで見に行ってきました。コレクションのテーマはウェスタンな感じで、自由で安らかなシルエットと豊かなテクスチャー、リッチで暖かい素材と動きあるフリンジとタッセルのディテール、繊細なハンドメードパッチワークの楽しいデコレーション。今期のイメージモデルはスーパーモデルのバーバラ・パルヴィンで、目の前のランウェーで見れて夢のようでした。とういうことで、あとはお写真でショーの様子をご覧ください♪


  1. Very unique designs, I've never seen similar things in Europe. Looks like asian countries are more creative :)

  2. oh suppressed sweater and fringe <3 <3 *drool* i envy you seeing the gorgeous Barbara Palvin

  3. Wow such a beautiful experience.
    Yes, I saw that fluffy textures, fringe and tassel details kind of dominated for Fall/Winter Collection this year.
    Lovely ♥

  4. love all the fringe pieces here!

    and yes yes yes we gotta get together when you're back in Cali. let me know the dates!

  5. all of them are so fashion ! ♥
    looks like they are walking on the grass ^^

    The White Print Blog
    CGrabowska's Instagram

  6. So jealous!! LOVE the chunky sweaters from this collection :)

    Enclothed Cognition/Bloglovin


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