Saturday, May 28, 2016

Diane von Furstenberg in Tokyo

And Diane is back in Japan! If you've been been following my blog two years ago, I was one of her escort models when she visited Japan for Tokyo Fashion Week, and also to commemorate the 40th anniversary of her wrap dress design (you can read more from that event here).

It's already been two years since she's visited Tokyo, and several models in the area welcomed her back at her store in Ginza. Each of us wore her unique designs from her 2016 Spring/Summer collection, and she explained the concept of her upcoming Fall 2016 collection titled "LOVE POWER." She always stresses the importance of loving oneself because that is the most empowering thing for a woman to be the best she can be. This time, she also revealed the heir to her brand - Jonathan Saunders, a renowned Scottish designer (read more about that here). Diane seemed eager to share this news with us, and I'm looking forward to what DVF will have in store for us. Congratulations Diane!


前回の来日以来、もう既に2年が経ち、今回は東京のモデルさんたちで彼女を銀座店で迎えました。一人一人が、彼女の独特な2016SSコレクションのデザインを身に付けました。ダイアンは、今期の2016年AWコレクションのテーマを説明してくれました。「LOVE POWER」をイメージしたコレクションは、自分のことを愛し、それを強みに女性らしさを楽しむことが大事だと話してくれました。そして、大きなニュースを発表しました。ブランドの跡継ぎが決定しました!スコットランドのデザイナー、ジョナソン・サンダースさんがDVFを引き継ぐことになりました。今後のDVFも楽しみになりました。ダイアン、おめでとうございます!


  1. so many colours! ♥
    I love your look! is this dress? where is it from? it's so stunning!

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  2. ダイアン、来日していたんですね!2年前がなつかしいです〜


  3. So many amazing colors and patterns :)

  4. wow, she`s a legend! I wish I could meet her!


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