Monday, May 16, 2016

Visiting the Takasaki Kannon, the Deity of Mercy

Hey lovelies! I've been a bit MIA for the past week due to some blogging troubles, so many apologies  for not responding to any comments and such. I'll probably talk about that in a separate post later.

I did, however, have a 3-day weekend after the "spring break" in Japan (aka Golden Week), and paid a visit to the Kannon deity of mercy in Takasaki, Gumna at the Jigenin shrine. Living and working in the city of Tokyo, it's hard to get away from the stresses of busy city life, which is why I hardly ever make trips to other surrounding prefectures. But it was time for me to make this small trip happen to refresh my mind and reflect on things I usually don't.

After a 15-20 minute drive from Takasaki station, my friend and I reached the foot of the Kannon statue, and I was in awe at its size and beauty. Built in 1936, Kannon is considered the guardian of Takasaki, blessing the city and its people. Gazing up at the serene and motherly expression on her face brought a wave of peace within me. Visiting on a weekday was the perfect choice, because there is no way I could savor a peaceful moment with tourists around. Scoring a paper fortune for excellent luck was also a highlight of the trip - my first one, actually! 

If you're someone like me who has to juggle many different jobs and always feels like there's not enough time to do everything you want and need to do, there is always still time to take a breather. I can't stress how important this little getaway was for me - it allowed me a moment to reflect, and a chance to take a deep breathe to refresh myself. And I know I'll be back again when I need to get away from the ever-busy Tokyo city.






  1. Beautiful snapshots! x

  2. Beautiful photos!

    Have a lovely Sunday evening :)

  3. The temple looks indeed very serene and beautiful! So lucky with the fortune, when I drew one, I got the worst luck available, haha!

  4. enjoy reading ur post..


  5. This looks like such a tranquil place :) Thanks for sharing!

    Enclothed Cognition/Bloglovin

  6. What an awesome place. So rich in history and arts.

  7. glad that trip was refreshing for you! Japan is always an interesting city. Been there three times and still want more. :)

  8. i hope your blogging troubles are all sorted samantha - i've been pretty MIA lately myself :( but so good to be back! x love your travel photos as always :)

  9. I agree we need a breather time to time.
    I do recommend you Kamakura area. Of course Kyoto is more than good if you can have
    1-2 days off.

  10. 観音様に会えて、まりこさんが元気になられてよかったです!



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