Monday, April 18, 2016

Coachella 2016 Weekend 1

When I was planning my trip to California, I'm going to be honest - I wasn't even thinking of going to Coachella at all. I've always heard the tickets always sell out quickly, so year after year I've given up on ever going to on of the biggest music festivals on the west coast. But by a very unexpected invitation to Weekend 1, I was all in for the best festival experience of my life. Treading through the vast expanse of festival grounds, meeting other bloggers and influencers, and most of all, experiencing the music of artists that I look up to so much. Many of the popular sets take place from evening to night, and I was fortunate enough to see Ellie Goulding, G-EAZY and Jack Ü. And one word - palm trees. I can never get enough of the California vibes with the beautiful palm trees swaying in the wind now that I'm a Tokyo girl. I'll be posting a part 2 of my time at Coachella, so stay tuned.

カリフォルニア行きの計画を立てていたときに、正直コーチェラに行こうと考えてもいませんでした。毎年すぐ売り切れになっちゃうという噂を聞いてきたので、いつもあきらめていて・・でも、思いがけなく、第一回目の週末に誘われ、最高のミュージックフェスを経験することができました。広々としたグランンドを隅から隅まで歩いたり、他のブロガーやインフルエンサーと出会ったり、そして、憧れのアーティスト達を生演奏で見れて、言葉にできないほど嬉しかったです。人気アーティストのセットはほとんど夕方から夜にかけて行っていたので、初日の金曜日はEllie Goulding, G-EAZY とJack Üを観ました!あと、ヤシの木。東京はヤシの木がないので、見てるだけでまさに「カリフォルニア気分」になっちゃいます。コーチェラPart 2を後ほどアップするので、チェックして下さい♪


  1. i can't imagine what coachella experience would be like. did you get to see all the cool faces that attend the festival? hehe

  2. Amazing post! you look awesome!
    Palm trees are Iconic!

  3. Great post :) Can't wait for 2nd part :)

  4. I would love to go to that Festival! Waiting for part 2! xo

  5. These are amazing shots! It's always the unexpected trips that turn out the best.

  6. This looks amazing, I'm so jealous of you! Coachella is top of my bucket list!

  7. Coachella looks amazing! So jealous we couldn't jet ourselves over to California for the fun :p
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  8. yayy! Looks so fun!! so happy you got to go this year!


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